Engage Rotary, Change Lives

Rotary's New Theme 2013-14During the 2013-14 year, Rotarians were asked by Rotary International President, Ron Burton, to Engage Rotary and Change Lives.

This theme was unveiled at the 2013 International Assembly. Burton said, “If we really want to take Rotary service forward, then we must make sure that every single Rotarian…has a meaningful role to play, that they’re all making a contribution, and that their contribution is valued.”

Burton pointed to The Rotary Foundation’s new grant model as an example of something that will help Rotarians get excited about Rotary’s ability to change lives. He said, “It takes everything that is wonderful about Rotary and raises it to a new level — by encouraging bigger, more sustainable projects while providing increased flexibility for local projects, both of which address the needs of the community being served.”

Burton believed that if you wanted somebody else to do something, you could sit around and wait, or you can ask. He asked each of us to apply that to membership development, which is the responsibility of every Rotarian. “You have to ask,” he said.

Burton emphasized that the job doesn’t end when a new member joins Rotary. He said, “It’s not done until that new member is engaged in Rotary, inspired by Rotary, and uses the power of Rotary service to change lives.”


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